BINUS Hosts International Seminar on Being an International Finance Professional in the Digital Millenium

On 24 October 2020, BINUS UNIVERSITY collaborated with the ACCA to offer a seminar on the topic of Being The Top Financial Professional in the Digital Millenium. The seminar was open to BINUS UNIVERSITY students only who are enrolled in Accounting, Accounting Technology, Finance, and International Finance courses.

The seminar featured leading professionals from the field of international finance and academia which included Manish Gidwani, CEO and Founder of the London School of Accountancy and Finance, Hani Karunia, Head of ACCA Indonesia, Adhitya Fadriansyah, a professional from the oil and gas industry and the moderator was BINUS lecturer Sasya Sabrina.

The seminar provided direct insights from accountancy and finance professionals on what it takes to succeed in the international finance sphere for students to be able to grasp the full spectrum of the challenges and opportunities that the sector presents to young graduates seeking to shape their career pathways.