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  • Diah Wihardini - BINUS Global Director

    Dr Diah Wihardini is the Director of BINUS Global of Bina Nusantara University. Previously, Diah worked as the Manager of Learning and Faculty Development Department of the Academic Development Division at BINUS International. She managed the curriculum review and redesign project for all programs, including 8 international undergraduate and 5 graduate programs, prepared materials and conducted professional learning development workshops, and reviewed and redesigned policies and procedures on teaching and learning activities. Mathematics and statistics related courses such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods, Business Mathematics, and Business Statistics I/II are the courses she’s been teaching at the BINUS International programs since 2003. As a Fulbright scholar, she completed her PhD at the Graduate School of Education in University of California Berkeley and managed to work as both a graduate student researcher and then a post doctoral scholar at the Berkeley Evaluation and Assessment Research Center. She had a B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science with First Class Honours in Applied Mathematics from the University of Adelaide and a M.Ed in educational research, assessment, and evaluation from the Flinders University in Australia. Her research interests include item response modelling and development, international assessments, teaching and learning, and policy analysis related to the aforementioned topics.

  • Theodora Subyantoro-Imbenay – BINUS Collaboration Center Manager

    Dora has extensive experience leading and facilitating complex international collaborations by engaging with United Nations (UN) agencies, including UNDP, UNFPA, and other international NGOs. She has served as a psychologist in the Crisis Centre of RSCM, Jakarta. Also, Dora collaborated with John Hopkins University and other international and local organizations on research projects related to development issues, such as measuring detention quality in Indonesia and psychosocial monitoring in conflict-affected populations. She has a deep interest in education as a development tool nurturing a global mindset in students. 

  • Ardian Saputra – Program & Collaboration Section Head (Local HEI, NGO & Government)

    Ardi graduated from The London School of Public Relations with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and later continued his master’s degree in communication as a subject in his blood. Ardi started his career path in banking, but he found his passion in education in his background. He worked for HighScope Indonesia and SSR Jakarta – School of Creative Media, where he explored the world of communication in the scope of education. Outside work, Ardi is a full-time husband and father. He loves pets, especially cats, and dedicates his time to his hobby of collecting gemstones. 

    Now he hopes to contribute significantly to spreading the vision of BINUS while learning further and developing professionally at this prestigious university. 

  • Siti Chairunnisah - Program & Collaboration Officer

    Nisa received her bachelor’s degree in Economy Management from Gunadarma University and continued her master’s degree in Management with Banking as her study program. She has worked in different industries in various positions. Still, she is passionate about working in an educational environment like BINUS UNIVERSITY. She likes to play badminton, listen to music, and watch movies in her free time. 

  • Lidya - Program & Collaboration Section Head (International HEI Asia)

    Lidya received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Atmajaya University and her master’s degree in Business Administration from SBM-ITB. Before joining BINUS Collaboration Center, she worked as a counselor in various educational institutions such as BPK Penabur Gading Serpong, Sekolah Terpadu Pahoa, and Santa Laurensia. She’s passionate about building and helping students. She enjoys art and craft in her spare time. 

  • Satrio Nugroho – Program & Collaboration Section Head (International HEI Non-Asia)

    Satrio received his bachelor’s degree in English Language Education and a master’s degree in English Language Studies from Sanata Dharma University. Before joining BINUS, he worked in various educational institutions as a teacher and translator. He is passionate about education and literature. He spends his leisure time reading, watching movies, and listening to music. 

  • Septiani Arumsari – Program & Collaboration Officer

    Arum received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and education from the University of Al Azhar Indonesia, Jakarta. Before joining BINUS Collaboration Center, Arum worked in the hospitality area at BINUS Square for one year. She is passionate about fashion, food, Glee, and Disney. During her leisure time, she likes to design her clothing style. 

  • Dimas Widyastomo – Program and Collaboration Section Head (Industry & Research)

    Dimas holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Trisakti University and a master’s degree in Communication Arts from the Philippine Women’s University. Before joining BINUS, he has spent ten years working in various local and multinational companies. While studying in the Philippines, he found his passion in education and social activity. Joining BINUS is a dream come true for him to contribute more to the education sector and community. He enjoys reading, gaming, and playing with his pets in his leisure time.

  • Ade Mulya Syakirin - Collaboration Database Officer

    Passionate about data and the environment, Ade completed his education at Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) with a bachelor’s in the science of Forestry, Bogor. Before becoming a BINUSIAN in BINUS Collaboration Center, Ade continually worked as a data analyst and Data Officer in some companies such as Modena, Arya Noble, and PR Agencies. His expertise in analyzing data and Microsoft Excel has been proven through some projects from prior companies, such as project Big Data, Warehouse Management System (WMS), and PR Online Reporting. Ade is passionate about information technology, gaming, reviewing gadgets, and data processing. He loves to travel around Indonesia, watch movies, and play games. Ade contributes to every collaboration database from all programs and units at BINUS. 

  • Greta Vidya Paramita - BINUS Global Class Manager

    Greta holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Maranatha Christian University and a master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Indonesia. Since her undergraduate, Greta has been passionate about education by starting her career as a lecturer assistant. In 2006, following her master’s degree, she started her career at BINUS UNIVERSITY as a student counselor and later as a lecturer at the Psychology Dept., BINUS UNIVERSITY. Before joining BINUS Global, Greta was the Program Development Center Manager. She oversaw student welfare and soft skills development at BINUS Square. Greta has a great passion for people’s development. She loves to work with emerging adults as these age groups are the cornerstone for adulthood. Greta loves enhancing students to become independent and a better version of themselves. She believes that studying abroad is one of the channels to gain this purpose. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, traveling, making handicrafts, listening to music, and swimming in her leisure time. 

  • Michael Aaron Tuori – Deputy Head of Global Class Program (IBM)

    Michael received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Michigan and holds a Master of Engineering in Logistics and a Master in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Previously, he has gained experience working in India, Nicaragua, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia. He is passionate about education, leadership, and entrepreneurship and is thrilled to share in the inspiring vision of BINUS UNIVERSITY. 

  • Ardi Pratiwi Maria Fransiska – Global Class Operations Section Head

    Siska received her bachelor’s degree in economics from Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University. In the span of her career, she has worked in various industries with various positions. Last, Siska worked at an educational institution in North Jakarta. She enjoys a wide range of leisure activities, from listening to music and reading to travelling. In her position with BINUS, she hopes to contribute to shaping globally competent graduates. 

  • Seria – Global Class Academic Officer

    Seria received her Bachelor of Business Management from BINUS University. She has worked in different industries with various positions, with a job family mostly in operation and services. She is passionate about beauty and food. She enjoys listening to music, singing, and hanging out with her best friends in her leisure time. 

  • Rahma Febriana – Global Class Operations Staff

    Rahma graduated from Andalas University, majoring in Animal Husbandry. She loves traveling and handcrafting. She is excited about the new experience of working in the educational environment. She hopes that by joining Binus can develop her skills and increase her global knowledge that can contribute to the nation’s education. 

  • Felicia Gabriella M. Polii - Student Mentoring & Placement Section Head

    Felicia received her Bachelor of Psychology at Universitas Persada Indonesia YAI. She worked as an education consultant & event coordinator at one of the education consultants in South Jakarta. Her hobbies include listening to music and sports like swimming and jogging. 

  • Seruni Rami Devitoyani – Student Advisor

    Seruni is a Sampoerna School of Education graduate majoring in English Language Teaching. Her first professional experience was as an English language teacher at a high school. Her passion for education has sent her to pursue her career in an environment with a solid educational base. By joining BINUS, she expects to develop herself rapidly through the offered learning opportunities and core values embodied in BINUSIANs. During her leisure time, she likes organizing her room, creating DIY projects, and treating herself to a pamper routine.

  • Laily Alfa Citra - BINUS International Office (BIO) Manager

    Laily is an alumna of BINUS UNIVERSITY. She received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees with a double major in Management & Information Systems. Laily has witnessed the great strides BINUS University has made, first as a student and teaching assistant, all the way to her last post as manager of BINUS Collaboration Center, preceding her current position. She has facilitated over 140 Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) on behalf of BINUS with the industry and academic partners nationally and internationally. She is passionate about hosting and engaging our international partners and students and looks forward to bringing the world closer to BINUS and Indonesia and vice versa.

  • Debby Sonita Lubis – International Mobility Academic Section Head

    Debby attended Universitas Indonesia and the National University of Malaysia. She is passionate about education. She has years of work experience in the education industry, from preschool to university.

    At BINUS UNIVERSITY, Debby manages international mobility for students and staff (academic and non-academic) under scholarships, grants, and other special programs. She acts as project coordinator in several projects, including PKKUI, Erasmus Mundus Action 2 (SmartLink and Lotus Unlimited), Erasmus+ (FICEM, BEEHIVE, and International Credit Mobility programs), and EU SHARE.

    Debby is a cynophile. She loves dogs of every size and breed. She enjoys reading, writing, playing music, watching movies, and hanging out with her family and best friends.

  • Romario - Special Program Officer

    Romario received his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from BINUS UNIVERSITY. During his study, he joined Teach for Indonesia as a volunteer. He also did voluntary work during Asian Games in 2018 as a liaison officer in the Athlete Village and as a protocol assistant to the VVIP guests. 

    Joining the International Office team, he is in charge of the implementation of special programs, including but not limited to short courses, immersions, and internships for international students. He has work experience in marketing, public relations, and event management. By joining the International Office, he hopes he can learn and gain more international experience. In his leisure time, he enjoys sports, listening to music, and traveling.

  • Arina Ully Wahyu Utami - International Student Mobility – Inbound Section Head

    Arina is the Inbound Coordinator at BINUS and ensures that all operations are well-managed. She is hard-working, resilient, thorough, and responsible. She believes in the pearl of wisdom, “You will never know your full potential unless you keep challenging yourself and push beyond your self-imposed limits.”

    Arina takes care of all incoming exchange students in BINUS. She enjoys meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures. She is determined to improve herself by 1% every day. It makes her proud to see the students discover new experiences and return as different persons positively. For her, what matters is making the student’s experience worthwhile!

    Arina comes from Javanese heritage. She also had a long service in hospitality. Her character and confidence shine through on the rainiest days. When she is not on the job, she likes to go for a walk, watch movies, and listen to her playlist, but her favorite thing to do is spend time and hang out with her dearest people.

  • Melisa Utomo – International Student Mobility – Inbound Staff

    Melisa has graduated with a degree Bachelor of Communication from BINUS UNIVERSITY. During her study, she was involved in various projects and voluntary programs such as Teach For Indonesia and iBuddy Community. She is also open to new challenges, as well as being open-minded to new experiences and new topic discussions.
    She is interested in Mass Media, International Relations, Political Issues, Event Management, and Culinary.

    She is passionate about internationalization, multiculturalism, global experience, and social activities. By joining the International Office team, she hopes that she can understand more about multiculturalism in the global community, and enhance her knowledge and international experiences. She enjoys baking, watching Korean dramas, Sci-Fi movies, playing video games, and hanging out with her best friends.

  • Dita Rany Anggraeni - International Experience Section Head

    Dita received her master’s degree from the University of Indonesia. Before joining BINUS, Dita has worked in several institutions, such as a public school, the University of Indonesia, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Indonesia-Korea Environmental Cooperation Center (IKECC). Dita also had experience working as an education consultant.

    She is passionate about education, health, religion, and social activities. Dita enjoys watching TV, reading, and traveling in her leisure time. She wishes to explore Indonesia and the world. Her motto is “Life is Praying, Loving, and Learning.”

  • Fajar Yulianur - International Experience Officer

    Fajar Yulianur is a proud team member of the BINUS International Office. Before his current position, he has grown immense interest and gained experience in a wide range of professional fields such as public relations, marketing communication, English language program development, teaching, and event management.

    Since 2020, he has been dedicating his professional service to providing international experiences within domestic learning environments. He has supported organizing hundreds of intercultural activities that enable the campus community to experience other cultures and situations that add to and supplement their learning journey on campus.

    As a passionate lifelong learner and educator, Fajar is also determined to empower BINUS students to make a real contribution and allow them to see how social participation and action can make a difference in people’s lives through the BINUS iCon Volunteer program that he manages.

  • Meriyah – International Mobility Operations Officer

    Mery received her bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching (ELT) from Sampoerna School of Education, Jakarta. Before joining BINUS, she had worked in a publishing company, a consulting office, and a language training institution. Working in companies engaged in different fields has enriched her insights about learning that can go beyond learning in the classroom.

    As a part of the BINUS International Office team, Mery facilitates the students joining global education. She hopes that the students will have a significant impact on many societies. Mery enjoys doing many sports, listening to music, reading, and traveling.

  • Mega Ernesvia Pertiwi – Student Mobility - Outbound Officer

    Mega is passionate about learning and working with many people, so she is delighted to be able to join International Office. By joining BINUS, she aims to learn and broaden her experience and knowledge. Mega holds her bachelor’s degree from State Islamic University Jakarta, majoring in English Education. She started her career as a teacher in some outstanding courses and schools. In her leisure time, she likes to cook and is in the process of mastering the skill. She also loves to travel. One of her biggest dreams is to study abroad and gain much more experience.

  • Lea Simek - International Communication, Engagement & Student Recruitment Manager

    Lea holds a bachelor’s degree in German Literature and Psychology from Whitman College, USA and a master’s degree in Global Studies focusing on higher education internationalization from Leipzig University, Germany. Driven by ambition and propensity for things unusual, Lea entered the waters of international education early attending Mahindra UWC of India. This is her third professional international post after improving business processes in the USA and Poland. Having personally witnessed the power of educational travel in development, Lea is passionate about higher education internationalization. She also enjoys experiencing aha moments with volunteering, outdoors, and the arts. As a gear in BINA NUSANTARA (building the archipelago) project employing international communication background to strengthen inclusivity and leadership, she hopes to contribute to a fulfilling life of her friends and intercultural family.

  • Christabel Sasabone - International Communication Section Head

    Christabel graduated from University of Newcastle, Australia, with double bachelor’s degrees in Public Relations and Journalism. After graduating, Christabel started her career path in the media world in Singapore and Indonesia, dabbling in the industry as a travel writer, journalist, and later a deputy editor. Over time, she found her passion in marketing and began her journey in the education sector at BINUS UNIVERSITY. She has a knack for tinkering stuffs and figuring how things work. She owns two adorable fur babies and loves taking them to chase sunsets and adventures around the world.

  • Satriya Niko Firdaus - International Student Recruitment Section Head

    Niko received his Bachelor of Education from Sampoerna School of Education majoring in English Language Teaching. He is very passionate working in higher education, so working for BINUS is like a dream come true to him. He hopes to always hone his professional skills while contributing to the vision of BINUS University as world class. In his spare time, he likes to travel, sightsee or watch movies.

  • Nathania - International Student Recruitment Officer

    Nathania obtained her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Atma Jaya Catholic University, Indonesia, and a master’s degree in business administration, majoring in international business from UTS, Australia. She finds her passion in education after working continuously as a senior counsellor for the onshore and offshore student. She loves travelling, reading, and watching movies in her leisure time.

  • Felicia Margaretha - International Student Engagement Counselor

    Felicia studied International Relations, with a vision to work in a non-profit sector and contribute to SDGs. She started her career teaching English to students from various backgrounds, saw the importance of good education, and fell in love with the education field. Switching from a teaching to a career in education consultant, she has helped students in achieving their dreams of getting access to better, international education. Now working in an internationalized environment at BINUS University, she found a passion to build an inclusive environment in BINUS University. She is now assisting international students settling in well in Indonesia and BINUS University. She enjoys musical theatre, watching – and creating movies in her spare time, and is an adventurous foodie.

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