Rule 1 – It should never look like your homework. The sound and video must have good quality, and translation text needs to be made to make it relevant for a larger audience (especially in Indonesia)

Rule 2 – Have high quality, interesting pictures, keep videos short, only post good pictures and add small story to each work of art

Rule 3 – Write in an engaging way that compliments whomever you intend to reach. Example: show heroism / kindness of others / compliment the guides etc.

Rule 4 – Tag as many participants in the pictures as possible, including organizations involved. Don’t forget to tag location specific locations and add relevant hashtags

Rule 5 – If your content is good enough, pitch your work to be usable for the social media of the Ministry of Tourism / Foreign Affairs / Education / Other Communities to guarantee a reshare by a powerful partner

Rule 6 – Use other social media platforms to support and link your work