From 21st-25th August 2019, BINUS UNIVERSITY’s School of Information Systems will host its International Thematic Camp in Denpasar, Bali. This annual event is a 5-day summer course for both international and local students in which they are challenged to design information systems (IS) for various Indonesian industries such as e-tourism. This course is limited to only 20 participants, and as such, BINUS UNIVERSITY encourages students to apply to by 21st June 2019 — international students can apply for a scholarship.

The theme for this year’s International Thematic Camp will be ‘Design for the Future’, and in participating, students can develop soft skills and gain knowledge on elements such as how the use of IS can help companies analyze different business strategies and determine which alternative provides the most beneficial results. A key feature of this course will be understanding the importance of user experience and innovation in the field of IS. For instance, new technology in easing integration for a business application, such as upgrading software,  can help companies become more efficient, not only for the feature expansion but also to make the software better integrated with other software already being implemented.

As a leading private university in Indonesia, BINUS UNIVERSITY remains committed to its heritage in information technology by making available programs that hone in on the necessary skills in this field. This will enable graduates to stay relevant within the increasingly digitising Indonesian society.


For more information regarding the International Thematic Camp, click here.