BINUS UNIVERSITY was recently named as an offical partner for the upcoming 2018 Asian Games — a pan-Asian multi-sport event which will be held in Indonesia. In cooperation with the Indonesian government and local universities, the Games’ organizing committee and Host Broadcaster (IGBS) have launched the Broadcaster Legacy Program, which will enable students to gain practical experience in the fast-paced world of sports  broadcasting.

The Broadcaster Legacy Program will provide opportunities for BINUS UNIVERSITY students under two initiatives: the internship program, and the Vignette short film competition. Under the internship program, students can attain technical skills for a variety of media-related fields ranging from camera assistant, to engineering assistant, and logistics support; among many more. Through the short film competition, students will be asked to produce a dynamic and original promotional video that encompass the themes of ‘Unity and Diversity, The Energy of Asia, The World is Watching, and Preparing for Triumph’ — submissions are open until May 2018 and the winning video will be used to promote the 2018 Asian Games worldwide.

It is due to an extensive network of international and local partners that enables BINUS UNIVERSITY’s to deliver unsurpassed student experience. As such, this latest collaboration will aim to equip students with the foundations of management, communication and creativity; the essential skills needed to become complete solution providers and global industry leaders.