Nationwide University Network in Indonesia (NUNI) is a strategic collaboration between 21 universities in Indonesia with the objective of creating value in academic excellence through research, faculty and student mobility. NUNI creates opportunities on a scale that each member would not be able to achieve by operating independently or through traditional bilateral collaboration.

Recently, BINUS Collaboration Center as NUNI secretariat launched their first edition of NUNI Newsletter addressing cross cultural experience, expertise sharing, collaborative research, joint working group agenda, and events. This communication project lubricates knowledge sharing and networking between the members.

NUNI brings well ranking universities across Indonesia together to collaborate on projects that enhance the knowledge base and teaching methodology. This is one way the universities are responding to the growing demand by the middle class for excellent education and the country’s need for high quality human resources as it grows into the Next Asian Giant. Should you speak Indonesian, check out the 1st issue of NUNI Newsletter here.