After a long process, BINUS University International’s Accounting & Finance program was awarded an accreditation from the EFMD Program Accreditation System (EPAS), an international accreditation board for academics that are affiliated with business schools. “Accounting & Finance has become the first study program in Indonesia that has gained a European-standard international accreditation from EFMD. We are proud of this success and we want to show that we can compete at a higher level,” said Prof. Dr. Ir. Harjanto Prabowo, MM., Rektor of BINUS University.

With the international accreditation now in hand, BINUS is now on par with other business schools in Europe, such as Salford Business School, Nottingham Business School, University of Antwerp and St. Petersburg University.

It took two years for BINUS to prepare themselves to meet all the criteria of the accreditation. Lots of things were prepared such as documents, internal maintenance that included program design, program delivery, the output of the graduates, and its impact on society.

After requesting for accreditation and all the requirements are met, assessors of EFMD came to the university and conducted interviews with students, alumni, staffs, and lecturers.

“This was all part of a long process that we had to go through. We did this all step-by-step. We believe that this process is not the end – instead it is the beginning of a journey. In the next three years there will be many things that we need to do, related to the requirements given by EFMD,” said Firdaus Alamsjah, Ph.D., Executive Dean and Provost.

According to Firdaus, also known as Feri, the requirements given by the EFMD stipulate that the accreditation is not permanent. In three years, the same accreditation will be re-evaluated. Therefore, the campus is committed to maintaining the accreditation, while pursuing other great achievements in the future.

Feri added that this international accreditation gives special benefits to students. Students will find it easier to continue their study or to work overseas. It will also be easier for them if they want to work at multinational companies because the students are believed to be academically proven and have a global mindset. (RAW)