Continuing the collaboration between BINUS and Deakin University, Australia on the successful short courses, Deakin has sent 10 of their students to BINUS University. Unlike the previous 2 short courses, the program focuses specifically on Game Application Technology students, on the subject of Recreating Indonesia’s Traditional Games into Digital Computerized Versions.

In this 2-week long program, 10 Australian students, along with 4 Indonesian students (including 1 student from Soegijapranata University, Semarang) went through fun, rigorous and engaging activities in academic, Bahasa Indonesia and visits to several Game Companies as well as a memorable visit to Hong Community, a community dedicated to preserve Indonesia’s traditional games and toys in Bandung.

In this short program, the students are expected to create a game using Indonesia’s traditional games as base. Along with their Indonesian teammates, they created several games, incuding the best game inspired by “Gasing”, a traditional Sundanese game.