On Tuesday, 9 September, BINUS UNIVERSITY welcomed a delegation from Japan Facility Management Association and was warmly received by Dr. Boto Simatupang, Vice Rector Global Employability & Entrepreneurship along with a number of BINUS staff members from Building Management Department. The Japan delegation comes from various industries which joined the association, such as MK Kousan, DNP Facilities Service, Mori Building, TU Metals, Tokyo Property, NTT Urban Development, Houei Engineering, and Taisei Building Management.

The visit was aimed as a benchmark study as well as to learn about potential collaboration between the two institutions.

Founded in 1987, Japan Facility Management Association (JFMA) is an organization established for the promotion and establishment of Facility Management practice in Japan, and the skill development of the facility managers located in Tokyo. Facility Management is a new comprehensive management approach for the optimization of the ownership, utilization, operation, and maintenance of the business real properties (land, buildings, structures, equipment, etc.) and maintain them in optimal conditions, so that they could contribute to the overall management of the business.