Department of International Relations in collaboration with the Indonesian Association for International Relations (AIHII) organized Kijang Initiative Forum themed “Indonesia-US Relations under Jokowi Presidency: Prospects and Challenges” last Thursday, August 28, 2014 at Syahdan Campus. The forum brought Director of the East West Center, Washington DC, Dr. Satu Limaye, as the speaker.

During the occassion, Dr. Limaye discussed about the Indonesia and US bilateral relations which has always been in the headline of the study of international politics in Indonesia. He underlined the different conditions in Southeast Asia as a determinant factor in the Indonesia-US relations and the need to use not only bilateral relations but also a regional approach in the future since Indonesia economy is growing rapidly and become an important country in global politics, particularly in Asia.


Kijang Iniative is a discussion forum that enables academics around the world to exchange ideas on international relations, business, and diplomacy, organized regularly by Department of International Relations, BINUS UNIVERSITY. The forum brings different scholars from various countries, such as United States, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia to present their perspectives and ideas.