BINUS COLLABORATION CENTER was established in 2014 with the role to create, implement, and evaluate collaboration with international and local higher education institutions, industry, government and NGOs to support internationalization efforts of BINUS GLOBAL Directorate. We are proud to partner with over 120 foreign higher education institutions and a long list of partners from other walks of life.

We are a member of P2A (Passage to ASEAN), ISEP (International Student Exchange Program), AIMS (ASEAN International Mobility of Students) and we partner with many top universities, including Waseda University, UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia, King’s College London, and University of Nottingham.

We partner with various major industries, such as DBS, AUTODESK, YAMAHA, MPM Group, Education First, Weber Saint – PT CiptaGobain Mortar Utama. We facilitate joint research programs with all our partners. We have been first university partner of Education First in Indonesia for EPT survey research, and we have initiated first BINUS Research and Industry Networking.

We are initiator and a member of the Nationwide University Network in Indonesia (NUNI), through which we organize short courses, with Udayana University, for instance, and exchange programs with institutions like Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana. Further, we are proud to support the government and also NGOs such as Komisi PerlindunganAnak Indonesia (KPAI), Nawala Nusantara, Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB) and The Association for International Human Rights Reporting Standards (FIHRRST) in several academic programs.

Our collaboration areas are as follows:

  • curriculum review,
  • Global Learning System (GLS – virtual classroom),
  • industry visit,
  • guest lecture,
  • seminar and workshop,
  • faculty exchange,
  • joint research,
  • student work exhibition,
  • student ambassadorship,
  • student competition,
  • short program,
  • student exchange,
  • student business start-up exchange,
  • internship,
  • community development.