An official bilateral exchange agreement has been signed between BINUS UNIVERSITY and Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania on last June 30, 2014. The agreement declares an academic collaboration in term of student exchange programs which will be jointly developed by the two universities. This exchange program will allow undergraduate students at both institutions the opportunity to study in a different social and cultural context, thus broadening their horizons. It is expected such exchange program is utilized actively and effectively in the future, and can provide a firm foundation for a broader range of other academic collaboration activities. Other than the exchange program, students can also go to Kaunas under tuition fee paying basis.

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is the largest technological university in Lithuania, established in 1922. Situated in Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania, the University bases principal activities on its strengths and traditions – links with industry, wide spectrum of technology related studies and research as well as the latest trends in international development.

KTU is known throughout the world for its breakthroughs in ultrasound, organic chemistry, mechatronics, system diagnostics, environmental engineering and in many other fields of science. The University successfully implements European research programmes and closely collaborates with domestic and foreign industry sectors having the largest number of research contracts with business among Lithuanian universities. KTU offers seven main fields of study: Architecture, Business & Administration, Computer Sciences, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and Technologies.