The International Seminar activity aims to spark discussion regarding the contribution and role of higher education institutions in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) issues in the ASEAN and Indo-Pacific regions. The discussions would touch on themes such as sustainability and climate change, the Indo-Pacific as a peaceful and inclusive region, equality and regional economic development, and other relevant issues. It consists of:

  • Four international academic conferences, ICIMTECH, ICCSCI, ICOBAR, and ICOBIRD, will be held alongside this forum to enrich the opportunity to exchange insights and innovation on a sustainable future.
  • Panel Discussion Series on Sustainable Future, with topics covering (1) Development for Sustainable Future: Approach, Design, Strategies in the Indo-Pacific; (2) Innovation in Higher Education and Contribution to Sustainability; and (3) Industry as Driver of Sustainability: Experience and Best Practices.

The Academics Community Network will be a forum for collaboration and strategic partnerships for a sustainable future among important stakeholders. This network will engage partners from higher education institutions, industry representatives, policy leaders, and relevant stakeholders. The Network activities consist of several parts:

  • High-Level Meeting between university leaders.
    Joint Pledge “Kuta Pledge on Sustainable Future”, highlighting the highlighting the stakeholders’ commitment to collaborating for sustainable future.
  • World Café Workshops, the in-depth discussion sessions to facilitate the exchange of ideas with partners in discussing future cooperation plans. stakeholders’ commitment to collaborating for a sustainable future.
  • World Café Workshops are in-depth discussion sessions that facilitate the exchange of ideas with partners in discussing a future cooperation plan.